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What can I use to get flecks of color in an undyed candle?

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I'm trying to get an ivory colored (undyed) container candle to have tiny brown flecks throughout. What in the world can I use that won't dissolve into the wax but will also be unflammable and otherwise not conflict with the candle burning? Is mica a terrible idea?

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The first thing I thougt of was shavings of a high melt-point wax dyed brown. If you put them in before you pour (if pouring cool) they shouldn't melt. I've used cosmetic grade glitter a few times. It didn't affect the burning, but it sort of pooled around the wick. I didn't like the way it looked so never used it after that. I do use it on the outside of some BW pillars though. Its exteremley fine stuff so it may not show up like you want. If you go with the brown wax it will melt around the flame of course. If you want to keep in non-paraffin you can try doing it with palm wax if you have some laying around.

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