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left over candles

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So what do you do with left over candles that do not sell? I happen to have 4 of them that I just can't even give away. I was thinking about melting down and making into pillars for my own home.

What happens if i use a Eco adv container and make it into a pillar...

Or what other ideas do you have for these container candles tha just won't sell?

thank you

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Burn them in the containers they are in already. Since it is a container wax, you won’t be able to just pour it into molds and make pillars out of them. Container wax is made to adhere to the sides of the jar, so you would have a hard time getting them out of molds, without something to make the wax a lot harder so it will release. Keep them and give them as gifts for the holidays. I am always needing a gift for a teacher, for a gift exchange at work, a pick-me-up gift for a friend, etc.

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I agree that they make great gifts. Or you could put them in a bargain bin and sell for cheaper than your other candles. Folks love a great bargain. You could also sell them for charity. Just let your customers know that your are raising money for a particular charity and sometimes folks will buy them just for that reason.

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