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desperate weird help needed!

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Hi Im new to all this but trying and having a great time-all the info on here has been a great help-heres the problem-I have all these tiny sea urchin shells that Im trying to make small tea candles out of but they just go up in flame-they are pourus(thought the light would look cool throu them)

any advice help insperation would save me


P.S I was wondering if there was some type of spray treatment if nothing else thats non flamable

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I read something once from a guy who's made candles from clay flower pots. Those pose the same problem, since they are porous and can produce just about the most out of control candle imaginable. He solved that by coating the pots with Mod Podge to seal them.

I'm not familiar with sea urchin shells and I don't know if it'll work. I'm also not claiming that it will make these candles safe. However, if you want to experiment further (carefully please) I think this might be worth a try.

You'll want to use multiple coats, with drying time in between.

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Definitely give the Mod Podge a try. I use it in pails and a few ceramic holders and it works great for those. Can't say if it'll work for your seashells but you could try one and see what happens.

Try at least 3 coats, letting them dry between coats. Mod Podge is pretty clear so it won't interfere with the look of the shells.


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