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HELP me decide!! lol

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Ok, I know this isnt a huge decision, but I cant make up my mind, so someone make it for me LOL. I want to order either a sample pack of FO's to try some more out, OR a jelly bean silicone mold. The reason I want the silicone mold is because I make alot of soy tarts, and I thought it would be cute to make soy "bean" tarts. What do ya think? So should I go for the mold or the FO's? I am only allowed to buy one thing at a time LOL hahahaha ;)

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If you buy the mold, you have to invest in testing, pouring and packaging the jelly beans. However, you could then use some of the proceeds to buy new FOs. I would go with the mold first and work on adding another product before adding more FOs - that is, if you already have a good selection of fragrances for your customers to choose from :)

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My hubby only "allows" (lol) so much per month on supplies. :P:shocked2: I just asked for a small increase in my candle supplies 'allowance' and he gave it to me. :yay: If he didn't 'control' this, I would probably go too crazy with buying supplies. lol :bliss: *getdown*

What I do is I make a "Wish List" in Word, and I go to my fav. suppliers and 'window shop' and add what I want to my 'Wish List' - and when the 1st of the month comes, I get my 'supply allowance' and I decide what I want most and go from there. Trouble is, I normally spend my 'allowance' by the second week into the month and then for two weeks I go nuts. LOL

Buying FO's is my favorite, so, I would probably go for the FO's vs. the mold.

Have fun!

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