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I used some photos from:


to design my seasonal theme on 8 1/2 x 11 brochure matte paper ( bi-fold design)

I like photos verses clip art. Photos give your overall design a more

professional feel.

My front page always has busniess name in large print/ add theme/ add one product photo burning

Inside I introduce the company in a small 2x5 column on the left again more photos of my products, price, size, burn time, than on the far right down the side is a column of scent to choose from with small type for description of each scent. Than the back has other info. company address phone, test burn comparison against other brands, course no names can show on those other brands.

Fundraiser program available/

Email address/

and special offers if any/

Also there is enough room to place a mailing address in and stamp.

Please remember to add somewhere disclaimers like.

Prices subject to change without notice/ or expirations date /

Your company reserves the right to ............

I am using expiration date myself.....

Well I hope this helps:highfive:

Be creative it is fun.

I went to school for commercial art for a while so this is my favorite part

DESIGN >>>>>>

Have fun!!


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