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Q re: melt pool for 1945 users?

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Is anyone getting funky melt pools with this wax? I am using the apothecary jars -- 10, 16 and 26 oz and my melt pools are burning across the candles leaving uneven melt pools on each side. Instead of a uniform circular melt pool that is even all the way around -- one side will have a very deep pool while the other side barely has an 1/4 inch.

With the 16 oz I am using 2 44-32s and the melt pool is going across the top and not going around the entire jar; and

With the 26 oz I am using 2 51z and the same thing the melt pool is going across the top with deep pools on one side -- I am eventually getting a full melt pool but is not the same depth all the way around.

Am I using the wrong wick sizes for these apothecary jars?

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Is one of the flames larger than the other? This has happened to me before, where one wick may not be burning as hot as the other, especially if I trimmed the wick too short or if it's burned in a draft. Is it happening on every burn though?

Don't the 16 & 26 oz. have the same diameter? If so, why are you using different size wicks?

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