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Would like scrub help please!


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Forgive me if this has been answered before- I did a search and couldn't come up with much. I tried a new sugar scrub recipe and it felt perfect last night- I was all proud of myself....but now today it's really HARD!!!! Did I use too much e-wax?

Do I have to throw it away or is there a way to make it slushy/creamy again? Do I just add more oils or is it too late?

Here is the recipe I used:

1 cup Dark brown sugar

1 cup Turbinado sugar

2 fl oz. coconut oil (76 degree)

1 oz Avocado & Jojoba blend oil

5 oz Shea Butter

3 oz Mango Butter

.5 oz E-wax

.25 oz Optiphen preserv.

60 drops FO

Thanks in advance!:cool2:

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Ok, here's the breakdown..

Coconut Oil 17.24%

Avacado and Jojoba 8.62%

Shea Butter 43.10%

Mango Butter 25.86%

E-Wax 4.31%

Preservative .86%

You're recipe is off balance for what you're looking for. You've got over 86% hard oils and butters. To get a softer scrub, replace about 1/2 of that with soft oils. Personally I'd up your e-wax to about 9%.

So your recipe would look like this:

Coconut Oil 13%

Avacado 25%

Jojoba 25%

Shea Butter 13%

Mango Butter 13%

E-Wax 9%

Preservative 1%

Fragrance 1%

So, if you wanted a 1 lb batch of base to mix your sugar in, it would look like this: (percentage mutiplied by total ounces desired. 1 lb =16 oz)

Coconut oil 2.08 oz

Avacado 4 oz

Jojoba 4 oz

Shea 2.08 oz

Mango 2.08 oz

E-Wax 1.44 oz

Preservative .16 oz

Fragrance .16 oz

To correct that recipe you could add some soft oils in addition to more e-wax to emulsify it, but your sugar will melt with the heat. I'd scrap it and start over. (or use it all for myself with my favorite fo/eo!)

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Bunny you are always such a great help- thanks so much! I was trying to make this in a pumpkin scent for my friend's mom. I found a recipe and changed it a bit to use what I had on hand. I really wasn't sure how much ewax to use, and just didn't want too much in there. I'll try adding more soft oils & ewax and see what happens.....or I'll just use it on my feet or something. Thanks again for your corrections to the recipe;). I've got to start taking a harder look at my math I suppose:wink2:.

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