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I need a list

bella soy

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Hey guys I This is for all you folks that use soy and soy blend wax. I would like to get everyones opinion on what Fo they have used that thows the best in this wax and where they got it from. Im trying to test different Fo's but I dont want to spen a grand in the process.

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The problem is that what throws well for me may not work well for you. We all use different variations of soy wax and part of a candle's throw is in how you wick. So basically, you need to get some sample packs and try out Fos for yourself. There is no shortcut here.

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I get mine from Bitter Creek. THey have a chart that shows wich ones they have tested in soy and how it works. It'll give you a good start so you don't waste money on ones that they say don't throw well.

But for me I have found the following to be great throwers. But it might not be the same for you.

Country Berry Hotcakes

Honey Coco Mango


GInger Snap

Cookies for Santa ( ok throw)

Baked Apple ( ok throw)

Pumpkin Pie Special

Wildberry Zinger Tea

Hot Fudge Brownie

Cucumber Melon

Pink Sugar ( throws great but I hate the scent! Blech)

And Lavendar EO

I think that's all the ones I've messed with. I have a really hard time getting Fresh Brewed Coffee to throw any kind of scent.

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Sample packs are your best way to experiment and find what works best for you. In the beginning, I started out with samples from Lonestar and Peaks and found several of each of their FOs that throw well in soy. Half of the fun of making candles (to me, anyway) is testing out the samples!

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I recommend to start with one supplier. Based on my experience, testing oils from too many companies at once is overwhelming and costly.

I started with Snowtop. Great customer service, products and fo's. I highly recommend them. The only scent that I did not like (it was too tart for me) was Blueberry Muffin . . . however, many like it. Other than that, Snowtop rocks!!!


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