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A couple of questions...

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Can I re-use the 8 oz. tins? If so, what is the best way to clean them out? Perhaps a heat gun?

Can the tins be used on those candle warmers?

And finally, I'm using 4786 wax, are there certain FO's that I shouldn't use? I've noticed that some FO's have a flash point of like 135 degrees. If I need to melt my wax to at least 170 degrees, how does that work? Probably a stupid question, but I don't want to start a fire or anything:confused: By the way, I'm using the double boiler method on a gas stove.


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"Can I re-use the 8 oz. tins? If so, what is the best way to clean them out? Perhaps a heat gun?"

Yes, you can reuse the tins. I reuse them all the time when testing a new FO or wax. Actually I only use 4oz tins, the same principle applies. I clean them by placing them in the oven that is set to the lowest setting, which on mine is warm. Then dump the wax and wipe with paper towles. The leftovers are good to use in tealights if you have enough.

"Can the tins be used on those candle warmers?"

By all means. As long as the base of the tin doesn't exceed the diameter of the warmer. I make the 4oz tins without wicks for some of my customers just for this purpose.

The flash point is for the vapor of the FO. Im not sure of the process it would take to vaporize the FO to a point to make it hit it's flash point. I use only Peaks FO's and I used 4786 (before I found J223) and never had a problem using any FO they sell. As for the gas stove... Just keep all your FO's away from the flame. Don't let them sit or spill anywhere near it and you should be fine. Remember to keep enough water in your double boiler because it's a very bad idea to heat wax and FO with direct heat.

Oh yeah, and these were not stupid questions. You have to ask to learn some things.

They say there are no stupid questions....I beg to differ. Talk to my children for an hour or so and they will prove that wrong!:tongue2:

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Hi Tinwoman, welcome to the board. :cheesy2:

I re-use containers all the time. I set my oven to 150*f (which, for my oven, is really 200*f), I use a cookie sheet & line it w/ some newspaper. Anything that I need to melt out the wax, I just place on the cookie sheet upside down, let the wax drain out, & then wipe w/ a paper towel. For glass containers, I will then use a glass cleaner, which seems to cut thru the greasiness of the residual wax.

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