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Insect Repellant Lotion????


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Has anyone ever made up their insect repellant formula in a lotion? DH is driving me nuts about it. He works out in the heat a lot and sweats so bad that he feels the spray doesn't stay on long enough to work. He thinks our formula in a lotion would seep in and last a bit longer. Told him we could do lotion bars with it, but he's dead set on lotion. Just wanted to see if anyone thought it would make a difference before I let him waste my precious eo's on this little experiment.;)

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I thought a dry spray would be the better deterrant. I sweat like a pig in the middle of winter. I'm researching for the most cost effective supplier for cyclomethicone at the moment.

My reasoning....

Wouldn't a lotion sweat off?

Think sunscreen....they have special formulations for waterproof ones.

If you check the CDC's webpage on West Nile Virus...under mosquito deterrants...they mention how often the non-deet repellants have to be applied/reapplied to be effective (affective? I can never get that straight).

edited to add these links....I never did find the page I referred to above...bummer.



Good luck,


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