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Does anyone have one certain container that the flames dance like crazy?

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I am testing a new container that I just LOVE, but the flame dances like there is no tomorrow! I have two sizes, one that I single wick and one that I DW, and the SW and DW both do this. The flames dance and dance and dance and it drives me nuts. :eek: I've tried zincs, RRD, Paper, Cotton, LX, CD, HTP, they all dance around.:rolleyes: No soot or smoking, but it still bugs me. The jar has no curves, either. Straight up and down.

I thought I remembered a post awhile back by someone mentioning that they had one container where their flames did this, but they just let it be. Anyway, just wondering if anyone else has a jar that does this.

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Hi Terrie,

I get dancing flames too. :rolleyes: I don't usually get them on the first burn when the wax is close to the top but from about the second burn on they dance and I don't really like it either. However, like others have said, if there is no soot, has a great melt pool and a great scent and the jar is pretty than I just live with the dancing flames. I do notice that in my tureen jars, the flames are much steadier (prettier to me). These jars are wider and shallow and that seems to really help keep the flame steady.

The jars that you have that are not curved, are they narrow and deep? I also notice that even jars that are not curved if they are narrower and deeper the flames will dance more. Double wicking also creates flames to dance more than single wicking -- creates a current for each other. Most of my jars are curvy and get smaller at the bottom so they will dance. I like the look of the fancy jars, so I just put up with it.

If you really like the jars and you have a great burn otherwise, I would keep the jars. :)


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Thanks everyone. I knew some of you had mentioned this before.

And yep, the jars are tall and somewhat narrow, as opposed to short and squat.

I think I'll just deal with it. I love the jars, and can pick them up, which is a big, big plus!!

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