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Seamless Tins

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I have never made candles in tins before only glass. Is zinc core wicks okay to use? I was thinking as a starting point for the 4 ounce round tins a

44-24-18z and for an 8 ounce round tin a 51-32-18z. Would it be the same in the square tins too?

Does that sound like a good starting point? I know I have a lot of testing to do. :) Thanks for the help. I use JOY wax from NG.


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I have 3 of the square tins testing right now. 44z, 51z, and RRD37. The RRD is way too big, for my combo anyway. The two zincs are close, but still have 1/2 left to burn so the race isn't over yet. I'm thinking probably 51z for heavier FO's and 44z for regular. So, at least you know you're in the ballpark to start ;)

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I've been using the 6oz. and 8 oz. tins, and what usually works for ME in the 6oz. tins is a 51z, 44z is too small for ME, and the 8oz. tins, usually an HTP 93, I tried the 60z for these, but it was too big it seemed, it smoked.:undecided

Haven't ever tried the 4oz. tins though sorry.

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