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How do you guys do it?

sheila sullivan

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some of my soaps have ash as well, i do one of two things, i either keep the ash depending on the appearnce (sometimes it looks nice) or i shed the ash off with a potato peeler or cheese slicer. i always cover my soap (CPOP), but still get ashe sometimes. HTH

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No, don't let it expose to the air. Mine generally don't ash. I cover with saran and I quit peeking. I have had a batch where I just watched it form, and there wasn't a damn thing I could do about it. That was a batch that I didn't cover with saran wrap.

I quit gelling mine for the most part. There are a few I still do but not many.

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the hard part is following through. I CANNOT cannot help myself. Plus mine end up ashing even after they are cut and all anyway.

Some look nifty with ash, some look great with it half shaved off, some you need to really go at.

People leave it, some people even "wash" it off with just water or with alcohol or whatever. There are a million ways to deal with it.

Mine always ash. No matter what I do. Haven't tried the saran wrap thing though.

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I peek, don't cover with anything, prefer not to gel and rarely get ash. I do pour at a medium trace, spritz the top of my soap with alcohol after it has become firm in the mold and don't unmold and cut until completely cool. Try different things, looking for a common factors in ashy soap and non-ashy soap until you find what works for you..


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