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How many pots?


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I have been asked to do a moderate sized xmas fundraiser. It is my first and there will only be about 100-120 students participating. I have a question or two so you will probably see me here bugging you all off and on. ;)

I should mention that I will be doing 12 oz container candles.

How many presto pots do you think I will need for a fundraiser of this size? I have two.

I am trying to keep things simple because this is my first FR. Do you have any advice or words of wisdom for me?

I used to "dress" my jars... I do not think that I will do that for such a large project. Any thoughts on this?

Thanx guys, I know I will think of more questions!


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1. I would have as many pots as scents. That way you can by pass the pour pots and fill the container straight from the presto pot. Would save a step.

2. Offer a limited number of scents.

3. If it is the type of fund raiser where the kids take orders, you need to require at least 50% of the fees at the time they place the order. This will cover your costs and keep you from getting stiffed. The remainder is payable UPON delivery of product.

4. Make a detailed contract and have the HEAD of the organization that is hosting the fund raiser sign it.

Good luck and congrats!!!


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Great tips Dat! Thanx! It is a fundraiser where the kids do the leg work so I thought about making tarts for each kid to carry with him as he solicits but... is that too much hassle or a good idea? hmmm...

I love your idea about the pots. I am thinking of offering only maybe 6 scents for my first time around.


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I like the idea of tarts and did them for my first fundraiser too. I saw how the kids used them and mistreated them though so I WILL NOT do them again.

If you are doing the order form for them, then put a description on each scent type. I used the fragrance finder to help me write up a description.

Good luck. Just remember: YOU ARE THE BOSS. Do commit to more than you think you can handle. and KISS! Keep It Simple Stupid


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