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Hi, I have a question about shipping. My step-daughter lives out west and I live on the east coast. She has offered to be my west coast sales rep. My concern is shipping. How do you ship your candles without them ending up puddles of melted wax. I had a bad experience at a craft fair. It was outside on a very hot day. I did well in the early morning, but had to pack up and leave before noon as the sun beating down on my candles actually melted them. My votives became puddles and my containers had melt pools. I am thinking that sitting in a delivery truck in the hot sun would have about the same effect.

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I ship to my wholesale accounts all year. I am in Kansas and they are in Georgia, Arkansas, California and New York. I have never had any melting problems.

I ship via Fedex for larger orders..I double box the candles. Case of jars inside a larger box surrounded by shipping peanuts

The trucks are hot, but the boxes are insulated and not in the direct sun. Not to mention the cooler temps are coming up!

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Just a little FYI - I'm in Phoenix, AZ & when I got a Peak order last week, the slabs of wax had melted together & the FO bottles were very hot and we all know how well Peak packs their shipments. UPS delivers to my neighborhood late in the afternoon so the box was on the truck all day. I wouldn't ship anything to this area unless it was marked for early AM delivery or better yet, have it marked for 'pick-up' - that'll keep it out of the heat.

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