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What do you offer when doing a fundraiser?


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I do HUGE Fundraisers every yr.....like over 5,000 candles. Personally, I would NEVER offer votives....too much work! I offer 9oz hex jars in at least 12 scents. The group picks the scents, however, I do make suggestions as to my top sellers.

If this is your first fundraiser I would keep it simple. Dont overwhelm yourself. My first fundraiser 4 yrs ago was over 1,800 candles and that was very overwhelming to me as I did not expect those sort of numbers. Also, make sure you give yourself enough time to deliver. I make sure I have at least 3 full weekends before I have to deliver the product as I and my partner both work full time jobs.

Just dont get yourself in too deep. Good Luck!

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I have done 2 fundraiser where I offered both containers (fruit embedded galvanized buckets in 3 scents) and pillars (feather). I ended up on the first one with almost 200 pillars in 5 different scents.

Like Kimberly said, Keep it simple and allow yourself plenty of time to fill the orders. Both fundraisers that I've done, I had to ship candles all over the US, so I put on the order form that the orders would be shipped on a certain date. I love doing fundraisers, but they can be abit overwhelming if you offer too much of a variety. HTH Portia

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