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what is your favorite scents?


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One of my favorites is one of my best sellers. Thats Moonlight Path but really they all kinda just sell. I would have to check the records but offhand at work any of the fruit scents sell well and are for everyone. Granted guys dont want to smell like peaches and cream but my hubby loves the watermelon soap I make for him. Oh and Any designer dupes that work in CP sell quickly. Cool Water, Tommy, Lovespell, Curve and Dream Angel etc.

I really dont make food scents in soap but thats just me.


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Yeah, LOL...I made a raspberry and the family thought that wasn't too bad. But when it comes to smelling like baked goods...they don't care for that. Guess I better keep the baked goods scents (I love them) to candles. LOL

I was thinking maybe the "natural" scents might be nice...like rain or something.

Maybe even a babypowder or fresh laundry etc.

I haven't smelled any of the designer scents. Im not big on perfume myself.

I'm trying to find something the whole family wouldn't mind.

I love all the comments so far!

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My best sellers consistently:

Lemon Peel

Grandma's Kitchen Soap (Allspice)



The Love of Lavender (lavender & ylang ylang blend)

Alaskan Blueberry

Alaskan Cranberry

I always keep a good stock of my best sellers. As far as more of the "trendy" scents, I rotate different ones, phase out the ones that are not big sellers, and am always keeping it fun and new. It seems like repeat customers like the variety. It is fun to offer scents for the seasons also. I just started my Christmas scents so I will have plenty for the holiday craft shows.



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