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"Glad" to save repour wax

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Here's a little tip.

There are now "Glad" brand (and maybe other) disposable plastic food containers on the market. It's like Tupperware that's sturdy enough to reuse but cheap enough to throw out. They're in the aisle with the plastic wrap and aluminum foil and ziplocs.

If you're doing multiple batches on any particular day and need to save repour wax of different colors and fragrances, you can do your first pour and then put the remaining wax into one of these. Put it in the fridge to congeal quickly and conserve FO. After it chills you can push from the bottom to pop the block of wax out (with a very professional looking Glad logo embossed on it).

If you pour the different batches in rapid succession you'll need one container for each type. However, if you melt new wax for each batch there should be time to chill and remove the previous repour wax and use only one container.

These puppies can be cleaned by inverting them on paper towels and aluminum foil in a preheated 175-200 degree oven. Heat gun might not be a good idea.

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That sounds like a great idea. After you have put them in the oven a few times don't they get ruined? I am currently using dixie bowls. If it works the plasticwear might be nice if it lasts longer!

I only have one presto I would love to get more but, I only have so many electrical outlets!! lol

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Yep, they have the "5" on the bottom. I've been using these for a while now, and have no problems at all with them. I get mine at the Dollar Store, and they are really, really cheap! They're good to store votives and tarts in too.

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