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CB135 No Frost!!!!


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Just wanted to share. I poured 20 tins last night. Used my Presto Pot and kept a 150 deg going. Melted 4 p of wax, that is a lot for me, I usally do 1 p.

Poured at about 120 deg. Anyway, they all ending up on my piece of wood I put them on hoping not to cool to fast. All hubbled together. Put a box over them and then a heavy beach blanket folded in half. It was about 9 o'clock last night when I finished. House temp was 73 deg. Looked under box (couldn't help myself:tiptoe: ) about 11 o'clock and the temp was 95 deg. The reason I used a beach towel over box is that I knew Florida was going to have a cold night. In the 40's. Knew the house would be about 60 to 65 deg this morning. Got up this morning and house was 65 deg but under box it was 70 deg and NO FROST on my tin candles!!!! Couldn't believe.

I am happy:D and just wanted to share with everyone that was been using CB135 and gets all that frost.

NOW we will see how the burn!!! If that works than I will be beside myself after 6 months of trying to make a great candle.

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Yes regular CB135 from CandleScience.

As they are out in the open now and getting room temp (our house is still cool) a minute amount of frost is showing up :sad2: but not bad!!!:) Maybe I should have just left them under box until it was warmer in the house!!! Oh well!!! There will be a next time to try that.

I will keep you posted. This frost thing is interesting!!! It doesn't like the cool temp's.

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