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How many jars a day do you pour?

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My plan using 4 pouring pots.

Step 1 - Fill them with enough wax to pour 4 candles each

Step 2 - Place 1 pot on double burner (old school) until temp reaches 175-180

Step 3 - Remove pot 1, place pot 2 on double burner

Step 4 - Add FO to pot 1 at 165-170, mix well. Let cool to 100-110 (45 min)

Step 5 - Remove pot 2, place pot 3 on double burner

Step 6 - Add FO to pot 2 at 165-170, mix well. Let cool to 100-110 (45 min)

Step 7 - Remove pot 3, place pot 4 on double burner

Step 8 - Add FO to pot 3 at 165-070, mix well. Let cool to 100-110 (45 min)

Step 9 - Remove pot 4, add FO at 165-170 mix well. Let cool 100-110.

While wax is cooling prepare your jars, molds etc......

Once pot 1 has reached its pouring temp, pour. By the time you finished pouring pot 2 should be at its pouring temp. Repeat until all has been poured.

This is the most I can pour without a Presto pot or any type of commercial melter.

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