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Could I ignite my car?


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Hope this isn't to dumb of a question? I am a newbie don't forget!!!!

I live in Florida and I was wondering if I put candle wax, (NO WICK) FO and dye in my container and placed it in my car just for the smell could it ignite? The cars get pretty hot in the summer and my hubby wouldn't like it if I set our car on fire!!! He would be real mad:mad: for sure!!!

Please help me to make the right decision!!! GOOD idea or BAD idea.

Thank you,

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Vicky and Tess,

Thanks for your words of wisdom. Being Ms Clumsy I can see it all now!!! LOL I was thinking a 4 oz tin with a cover would work but that is still no guarantee that is wouldn't end up all over the car. One slip and OH MY what a mess!!!!

I think the Aroma beads are a perfect solution.

Thanks again,

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