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Mold sucks.


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I'm having a mold issue. Thankfully, it's a new batch that I made a few weeks (a month?) ago to fill some future orders, so there isn't any tainted stuff out there. I've done a randomly sampled poll of the recipients of the last few batches. Help me!

Recipe includes:

grapeseed oil (which I know has a 1 yr shelf life, but it's brand new)



refined shea

mango butter

germall plus at .3%

natural vit e at .1%

Using distilled water, bringing water to ~175, holding for ~20 minutes. Oils to about the same, adding preservative and Vit E at 120 F, allowing to cool, uncapped, for at least 24 hours (maybe it needs longer?) feels cool to the touch, and thick.

I'm pulling it while I restabilize the recipe - I just made a test batch with EDTA, read on the Whisk that it can help. I also thought about increasing the Vit E to help with mold inhibition, but is there any added efficacy after .1% is exceeded? Also going to increase my Germall Plus to .5%, the max range recommended. As I mentioned, I know GSO has a shorter shelf life, but a MONTH?! Not gonna cut it.

Am I missing anything that I can try? I'm staying as natural as possible, so other than the necessary preservatives, I really don't want to add too many things.

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