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BNL has been sold!!


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I just got the email stating that BNL has been sold to Bitter Creek Candle Supplies. Woohoo. :yay: It is great that it was sold to a company that we are familiar with and has a good reputation. I am so glad that I (and others) will not have to continue the big hunt for the oils I/we have been using from BNL. I am also happy for Doneen. She will have some very good oils added to her line. :)

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I just got one too. Here it is. So glad someone picked up their oils.

When I made the decision to close Bubbles ‘n Lights, I was truly concerned about how this would affect my customers. I know a lot of you depend upon my oils and that they are an integral part of your businesses.

I am thrilled to announce that Bitter Creek Candle Supply, Inc. has purchased Bubbles ‘n Lights and the rights to all of our fragrance oils.

I am so happy that Rich and Doneen will continue to offer the fragrances that you have come to know and love from Bubbles ‘n Lights. Bitter Creek has been an industry leader in candle and soap supplies for many years and I am so pleased that a company with as solid of a reputation as BC will be able to serve all of you. To have a company that has the stability of Bitter Creek take over my oils is a huge relief to me. I have worked hard to build my company over the years and to know that “my baby” will continue to grow allows me to leave the business with no regrets.

Bitter Creek will make an announcement to all of you as to when you can expect to be able to order our fragrance oils. Eventually, the Bubbles 'n Lights domain will point to Bitter Creek's site. If you haven't been to their site, you can find them at www.candlesupply.com

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