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Cupcakes at Tiffany's & Strawberry Jam

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Hi I'm new to making wax melts for myself (not to sell), because I can make cheaper than buying them.  But, I haven't made any yet.  Besides Etsy, I could only find 2 well known suppliers of Cupcakes at Tiffany's (CCAT), Nature's Fragrance being one, and Just Scent (who claims they're the "original").  I also wanted Strawberry Jam (SJ), and since Nature's Fragrance had them both, I went with them.  I ignorantly ordered a 16oz bottle of CCAT and a 4oz bottle of SJ, assuming they'd be what I was looking for.  OOB CCAT smells very buttery, no detection of cake, chocolate, or toffee...not at all what I was going for.  But, I know we can't judge a scent until we put it to use.  I hope it changes, because I dislike buttery scents, lol.  As for the Strawberry Jam, I could barely detect Strawberry OOB.  Before I test them in wax, I want to try these 2 scents from another supplier, because I want my 1st attempt to be successful.  

I've ordered from Nature's Garden in the past, and while I didn't like some scents, I could at least smell them well OOB.  There were some I loved.  But, they don't carry every scent I want.  Again, I know we can't judge the effectiveness of a scent out of the bottle.  But, it seems to me, they should smell strong, being concentrated fragrances.  That said, I'm not optimistic about Nature's Fragrance, which is unfortunate, because they're close me.

CupcakesAtTiffanysOil 16oz.png

StrawberryJam 4oz.png

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I wish I had better fragrance dupe solutions for those named scents for you. 

The experience I (and all of my fragrance partners) have had since the start is finding the "best".  It's expensive to shop the options and be disappointed with the bottles that arrive. I have given away thousands of $ in craptastic fragrances that all claimed to be the best but flopped in my products.


The suppliers by state list may give you a head start. The only retailers I occasionally buy a few essences from these days include Wholesale Supplies Plus (an outlet for Crafters Choice), Aromahaven/Rustic Escentuals and 1 or 2 from Elements Bath and Body.  All of these retailers have been purchased by an investment company and make changes without notice. None of the most popular places others like ever worked for me  :( . I ended up having to get custom made fragrances direct from several different labs.


You might try some lip balm flavors in your melts. Elements bath and body has a nice strawberry jam flavor that has been out of stock for a while. It is usable in other products than lip balm, but doesn't perform well in things like soap, candles, etc.  Crafters Choice has several strawberry essences that may work. CC brand fragrances are often available at other retailers who bought the licensing for it.


Good luck! 



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