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Wax melts warp while cooling

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I'm at my wits end with these soy wax melts. I gave up on melts, then people started asking for them, so I tried again...but every time I pour into my silicone molds, the wax forms massive crystals as it cools to the point where they grow huge lumps. I don't mind a lumpy candle top, but these just look hideous. They're very hard to level off with a heat gun because the wax splatters everywhere - I have to go at it bit by bit, letting them resolidify in between, which is too time consuming to be sustainable.


I'm using Golden Brands 416 tart wax. Apparently they make another tart wax that supposedly reduces this issue: 494. Has anyone tried it? And has anyone had this issue with 416 and been able to prevent it somehow? 


I have tried:

-preheating the molds

-using a fan in the room to cool them faster

-closing off the room so they cool slower (I don't have central air so there's no AC vent in the room either)

-pouring hotter

-pouring cooler

-covering the molds after pouring to retain the heat


So tired. Plz halp. Thanks!




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