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  1. I forgot to mention that my setup was in a 3" diameter tumbler / status jar for that size wick.
  2. I had success with a Premier 755 and 6006 at 6% and 7% with Peppermint Eucalyptus from CS. My batch of 6006 was from August 2020. It threw amazingly well for me. Give the 745 a shot... you have nothing to lose.
  3. Will do. I've been primarily focusing on 464, but in the beginning of this journey (back in August) I went a little overzealous and purchased other waxes as well. 415, 444, 6006 and 4627. You know, one of the first things they tell you not to do.... Pick one wax and learn it. Listen I did not. I have some success with 6006 but decided to slow down and tackle 464 first... Seeing how I have 4 cases of it... Did I mention that I went a little overzealous? Bakery scents so far work great in 464 but I can't get Black Cherry Merlot to throw decently in 464 after several FO%'s and wick
  4. Similar issue here with blending 415/4627. Blended 70/30. I was thinking wicking down as well but actually had to go up. Go figure. I also blended 50/50 but haven't tried that out yet. Both blends have been cured over a month. No sink holes as of yet with the ones I tested.
  5. Most excellent. Always something.... ain't it.
  6. Not exactly. I purchased a few cases last year. I didn't re-melt the wax and perform another test with it if that's what you're asking. I used brand new flakes with each test. 2 separate tests about 6 months apart, using the same lot #. Last year when I did it, I didn't really record everything like I did this time around. Last year I was more concerned with MP results more than anything else.
  7. Yup... already melted down except for the CD10/12/14, CDN10/12/14 and the ECO12 and HTP 104/105 for the fun of it. The CD12 and CDN14 still look the best. I did 2 more burns at 5 hours a pop. So... 19 total hours. I did the same test more or less last year and again ended up with the CD10/12 as the winners so to speak. And I want to give a big thank you to everyone out here who lends their expertise to this craft. This has become somewhat of an addicting quest.
  8. I have a couple of old plain testers. One of each... 415, 444 and 464. When I stick a skewer through them the 464 seems the less dense of the three. The other 2 were, for lack of better words, harder to skewer/push through If you know what I mean. I also burned those alongside each other with the same wick/container and the 464 had a bigger MP than the other two. Which is what got me to thinking if it would slow the consumption down a tad if I added either 415 or 444 to the 464, and resulting in less carbon being formed. If that makes sense. I'm also convinced that the same supplies
  9. Hi there, You are very welcome. What I do is what was suggested by @TallTayl. Pick the best looking / performing wick / wicks and start with that. I then make about 6 or so testers with my FO of choice and try that wick and then maybe go up or down 1 or 2 sizes to see how it performs. In some cases I had to choose a different wick series in order for the scent to throw. I've learned quite a bit and still learning everyday.
  10. Last day of 3 day test burn. The larger data sheet is for the tumblers / status jars and the smaller data sheet for the pans.
  11. Continuation of the 3 day 464 wick test.
  12. Hi All, Here is my contribution to the base wax wick testing using 464. It was cured for a little over 2 weeks. Melted at 185 and poured around the 135ish. The test was for 3 days. 3 hours each day. I will post each day as its own post so as to not inundate the post with too many pics to look at. I also have pics from each hour, but to make the page easier to look at, I’ll mostly just post the 3rd hour of each day / burn. By the 3rd day I removed some testers because they were tunneling. If you see a “T” in the MP (melt pool) column, that means they we
  13. Thanks for the link! I'll definitely check that out.
  14. I would also like to point out that I did not trim these wicks this time around. The pics shown above were from untrimmed wicks. They looked kinda decent to begin with so I just lit them up.
  15. So... after my little rant about everything mushrooming during the base test, I went back and selected what I considered to be the best wick picks. They were: CD 10, 12, 14 CDN 10, 12, 14 HTP 104 and 105 ECO 12. I started a 4th burn with these and went for 5+ hours. To my surprise the mushrooms didn't really happen like I whined about earlier in this post. The CD10/12, CDN 12/14 were the best IMO. CD14 and HTP105 were the biggest, with the 105 wading in the wax. And that ECO12 is just tunneling away so far. After seeing how the CD'
  16. No dice. I logged off/on as well in case of permissions. No rush though. I'll check again tomorrow or so. Have a good night. Thanks.
  17. Hey @TallTayl , I'm just about ready to post my base wax wick test and did a quick look on the wick test page and didn't see an option to add. Would I add it here and then someone moves it over?
  18. I guess I should be asking if I should be surprised that all those wicks mushroomed with just plain ol' naked 464?
  19. I've recently completed a naked 464 wick test, which I'll be posting with the results in the next couple days. 464 melted to 185 and cured a little over 2 weeks in 3" diameter tumblers and baking pans. With that being said, pretty much every wick and wick series I tested all mushroomed to some extent during the testing. Some sooner than others. CD, CDN, ECO, HTP, Premier, RRD and Cotton Core. The ECO's not as bad. And actually the one CSN14 that I tested acted the best. Go figure. My question is, if I add 415 because of the no additives as well as being a harder wax to the 464 would
  20. I got lucky with a 755 in a 3" Status Jar / Tumbler so far.
  21. I'm not sure what size diameter the country comfort jar is, but I have had good results with Premier and HTP with the batch of 6006 that I have.
  22. I'm going to start a wick test this weekend with naked 464. I have about 20 tumblers and a couple of baking pans ready to go. They've been curing for 2 weeks. I'll take pics and share out here. Other than mushrooms or the lack of; melt pool diameter and how the flame acts / soots; what else do you recommend that I look for?
  23. I found that the CD18 was too big. I opted for a CD14 at 8% FO for a couple of scents which worked much better than the CD18. Less wax consumption and the mushrooming was much less. I took a break from the Christmas Hearth and am currently working on a couple of other scents. I've tried a couple of scents at 6% but the ones I had chosen were a bit faint in smell. I've learned in the last few months that there is no need to rush this process and to not settle for "good enough". I've tried ECO's, HTP's, Premiers, CDN's, LX, RRD and Cottonwood. If I had to choose what works bes
  24. I was there 2 weeks ago to pick up some items and he seemed fine. Said he was super crazy busy. I also called a couple of days in advance before driving up there but he wasn't answering. He finally picked up after a few days of me trying to reach him. I didn't ask if anything happened. I just chalked it up to him being busy.
  25. Ha! All good. I had to double check myself to make sure I didn't flip the 9 upside down. 😁
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