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Rapeseed&Coconut candle looks damaged after first burn

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Hello everyone! I've working with Cargill Elite 600, rapeseed&coconut wax, lately and I've found that after the first burn, the candle looks like the photo attached. It doesn't look very good, however, the candle has a very strong throw. It can fill a room very quickly.


Regarding the process, I've followed the manufacturers recommendation and it has a very smooth surface. On clear glasses it looks amazing, but then after the first burns this happens. I've tried to mimic the perfect room and pouring temperature, but with no success. Could this be something that is normal for a rapeseed&coconut wax candle?

Thanks in advance

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Hello! 😊


rapeseed is very similar in fatty acid values and performance to soy wax in the US as far as I can tell.  Often with soy surfaces following a burn vary with the type an size of wick used.  If the burn is very hot the surfaces can look just like that regardless of the care taken at time of pouring and cooling the original candle. 

the easier to burn components of the wax blend are burned up quickly, leaving behind harder to burn craggy stearic bits that cool and reform in rough, grainy and uneven shapes. 


what is the temp of the glass as it burns? If hot at the top of the candle, it will only get hotter downward which will emphasize the rough cooled surface and discolor the layer that fully melted during the burn.you may even see sooty swirly bits on the cooled candle wax.  In my observations this is a clear indication I have chosen too big of a wick.


In the US the max glass temp at the height of the melt pool closest to the flame should not exceed 145*F for glass containers (UL guidelines in many corporate published candle requirement testing standards) or 175*F quoted by many unverified sources for handmade candles. 

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