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My Wax Pot

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OK Michael, we need details. I couldn't read the labels. What is it? Does it have temp readings on the control? How much wax does it hold? It looks really cool. No wasted space with the little feet like a presto. I want one but don't know what it is. Story of my life. LOL

PS: Your work area is entirely to clean. :P

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Hi ladies!

It is a Regal Kitchen Pro ( I think that Regal is the company that makes a lot of the crock pots)

Yes, it has temp readings from Off (0)-375. Of course like with any of them you would never want to trust that..I always use a thermometer also. I have used this one enough that I know exactly where to put the knob to keep the wax at 195. I use a laddle and put the wax in a pour pot to mix the dye and F/O. The interior is all metal. It holds nearly a slab ( actually probably could hold exactly a slab if you wanted it all the way to the top.

One thing that I really love about it, is the top is "vented", so when you are through you can put the "lid" back on even when the wax is still liquid without it overheating if you have unused wax.

As far as the clean thing...well unfortunately it is my kitchen ( no workshop:cry2: ) so I HAVE to keep it clean...it is out in the open AND I prepare FOOD in there too! :drool: LOL LOL

Here is a pic of the top with the vents:


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We are doing great...going and growing like crazy. We really missed it also; I think it has been been rescheduled for sometime in July is what I am understanding. But dont hold me to that, one of our suppliers told us that a few weeks ago, but nothing has been posted on the website as of yet. It is great to see ya on here...everytime I see big pine cones I think of you! Keep in touch and I'll do the same...


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Mine is a Regal Brand...but they have several different brands available that look similar:




Not sure about these...and I have racked my brain and can't remember where I bought mine, but I think it might be larger than these. I bought it to deep fry in, and never used it for that...SO, it was brand new and when I started this candle thing I thought..why not? Checked it out and loved it!

The MAIN thing that you want to make sure is that the heating element is "buried" in the base of the unit and is not exposed or removable...some of them are like that.

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