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Hot throw issue

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Hey everyone!


(TLDR, need help troubleshooting hot throw issues)


I'm a new business owner of a small candle company. After plenty of testing, finding what works for us, we've finally opened our business!


Some customer feedback is that our candles smell great but are lacking in hot throw. That said, we've had some testers try out the wax in a wax melter and have gotten similar feedback. Some customers don't have this issue and some do, among the same fragrance.



Wax: J-50 4636 Paraffin Wax

Container: Typically 8oz square Mason Jar

Wick: Zinc Core 

Fragrance is from CandleScience and Lone Star candle supply 

We pour typically around the recommended temp per fragrance, we use  %5-10 Fragrance Load 

We use a heat gun for any air bubble or sink hole (definitely some hot throw there, wondering if that may be burning out the scent)

Thanks in advance, I apologize if I missed some info.







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Could be many things…


for those who can smell them:

- their sense of smell is more acute than others

- their home air cuirculation is better than those who can’t smell them

- some trim wicks too short

- were the candles from different batches?

-were the wicks from different lots

- was the wax from different lots?

- same containers, or different?

- any adds, color, vybar, etc.


if it does not smell strong in a wax melter, then it points to possibly:

- too little FO

- melter too cool or too hot

- FO not strong in your wax

- have you added vybar? 
- “bad” batch of wax


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Hi Allie, I’m sorry that I can’t really help as I have the same wax from LS and I’m also having problems with it, but I did want to ask- how’s your CT? I anticipated having to work to get HT with wicking, but I’m absolutely dumbfounded as to why I can’t get even a little CT. Even when I gave it to others for a sniff test, they looked at me like they didn’t want to hurt my feelings, but proceeded to tell me that, no, they can’t smell a thing. Is your CT what you would expect?

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