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Is this normal?


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I'm new-ish to making candles, but I’ve been working at correctly wicking Ceda Serica. I’m using the 8 ounce Candlescience tins that are 2.95” wide. I’m using between 8-10% FO and following the instructions for this wax exactly. I’ve tested a variety of wicks with this wax, and despite everything I’ve been told otherwise, the best results I’ve had were with a CD 14. The only issue I have run into is that it leaves some wax on the inside of the tin. As you can see in the picture, it’s not a ton. I’ve read that coconut waxes can do that, but it this too much? Should I wick up to a CD 16 event though I think the flame was a bit to large for this candle?


I'm willing to go with a different wick, but this was the best I’ve come up with at the time. 


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Tins are the absolute hardest to wick since the width is proportionally “off” for the height.  The hang will usually catch up once it hits the mid point. If overwicked that type of wax turns completely liquid at the critical point, so the bottom half of the tin could easily be all melt pool.  overwicking at the top the problems become pretty evident by the midpoint and can ruin an otherwise decent candle. 

ceda cerica (and most other coconut type waxes I’ve ever used) shine in containers that are taller than wide. The waxes love being wicked small so they burn long, clean and super strongly scented with less FO than most people are used to using. We don’t need to hit a full melt pool at any point in the burn to have the best smelling and premium burn of any candle available.

  I’ve given up on fighting the nature of waxes that don’t perform their best in containers like that. 

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