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Flat but not creamy smooth candle surface?


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Check your pour temperature for starters.  I also found that ambient room temperature played a large part in how my tops turned out when I poured.

Its been a long time since I have worked with soy.  I am sure that there may be some others who come along with some suggestions as well.

It may also be helpful to state the wax and pour temps that you are currently using as each wax brand can perform somewhat differently.

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Please keep in mind that not all soy waxes behave in same manner, and I use 464.


In order to get smooth top, 5 things need to be done right for 464.

1. Do not over heat the wax.

2. You have to mix the ingredients really well.  Stir vigorously!

3. Follow manufacturer's recommended pouring temperature.  For 464, it is 130 to 140F, and I pour at 135F and below.

4. Find the right ambient room temperature.  Cold room temperature is always bad, and I find it around 73F is best for 464.

5. Do not place other poured candles too close together when cooling them.

*It would be good if you can provide cooling environment where bottom of the container do not keep the heat.  If the top part cools and sets up before the bottom, then it will cause problem.


It appears to me that your ingredients are not well mixed enough by looking at color of your candle, but you might want to check with other things too.  And also, may I ask why you are using aluminum foil?  That might have affected your cooling environment.

*Heat gun will fix some issues, but it will never produce professional result for soy wax.


Below is picture of good single poured 464.  But sometimes, I get little wrinkles on some candles.  But if I do double pour, then I get much better mirror like finish all the time which I have decided to do double pour now days.


Have fun and keep trying!


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