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Can someone help recommend a similar jar to this?

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Hi guys!


I finally got my candles out in the Etsy world and what do you know, the jars I've perfected are on backorder BIG TIME (Candlescience is having major supply chain issues, according to their email).


Does anyone out there know a similar container to this? 




Height 3.63 "
Outside Diameter 4"
Inside Diameter 3.8125"



Whatever you can help with is much appreciated! 

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Everyone is having supply issues. It started with the pandemic and has just gotten much worse. Whenever you can find your jars I recommend stocking up. I have been doubling my usual orders whenever I find things in stock I use. 


Anyway, you may try out C&S, Fillmore Container, maybe SKS? not sure about them but you can check. I don't use your jar so not sure which other suppliers carry it. But when you do find it like I said really stock way up on it cause I doubt this supply problems are going away anytime soon. I predict it will go well into next year and perhaps beyond.

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