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Nina and I have been working on my Presentation and here is a rough draft of what we have come up with so far.


I hope no one minds that I published thier websites on here I wanted to give back to everyone here for being such wonderful teachers. :highfive:

Everything that I have learned over the past year I have learned from you wonderful Ladies and Gentlemen. :yay:

If you would like for me to add your website please let me know or if you want me to delete your website.

Thanks again everyone


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I will be doing a presentation at some point this year thru the Chamber office here in Leander,Texas.

Also if you want me to add your website let me know.

I added the websites I could find at the end of it. Some folks have asked me if I do Soy Candles and I have to tell them no I don't, but I know of someone who does. I reference my notes and give them a website to go to. Right off the top of my head can't remember whose website I gave.

So I thought I would add everyones website to my presentation Sorry if you don't want it on there let me know.

I am trying to help everyone out who has helped me. I don't claim to know everything cause you great folks on here have taught me everything I know and that is stated in my presentation. I am not trying to step on anyones toes.


PS if you would like me to remove your website please let me know and it will be done ASAP.

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