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Rebatching and cure time


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If you do a CP soap and have to rebatch it, does it still have to cure as long? I've been curing mine for just as long but I got to wondering - When I rebatch, I use my crockpot which I feel cooks the soap again so I was wondering if that added heat then acts like the HP in that your soap can then be used right away? I hope that made sense. LOL TIA!!:)

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Still new to soaping I do not know for sure. I have however read that alot of people do that process on purpose to create different soap like adding different extras to one base soap making several different scents... but have read it does speed the cure time as long as there is not too much liquid added. Then you have to wait for the drying instead soapification. (spelling sorry)

Waiting gives you a longer lasting and harder bar.

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