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Dried flowers in candles ... can we please pass on that??

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I keep seeing photos of candles with flammable materials sprinkled on them and in this case, within them.  I'm going to share a tutorial page that started my head shaking and it is still, so I thought I'd share.    Here it is ... (link)


Okay, this is how I see it and others may not agree, but those innocent-looking flower petals absorb the mineral oil & fragrance oil in the gel and accumulate at the bottom of the candle, so eventually you've got yourself a real potential fire hazard. 


Now, this tutorial leads you to a fragrance oil that is not only NOT a non-polar f/o (the type of scent that should be used in gel candles that mixes throughout the gel and doesn't sink so badly), but it's also 140dF ... about 30 degrees (at least) lower than it should be.


There is more I could say about this, but they did call it a "blooper" blog post, although it's still promoting this trend of the dried flowers and I feel they are especially dangerous in gel candles, esp. with lower flashpoint & polar fragrance oils.  I guess I'm just seeing way too much of these decorations on candles lately and it's starting to get to me!!!  🥵


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