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Is anyone else doing Amazon Handmade. 


Has anyone tried using coupons or a promotion?  I thought about creating a coupon for Amazon and then I saw this "Redemption fees ($0.60 for each redemption)"  Really?  So a $15 candle I am already getting charged 15% for each sale, and if I use coupons it is another $.60 charge, another 4%?  UGH


Does anyone do the FBA?  Any good site that explains the charges with that?  Like if I send Amazon a few of my most popular candles what the fees for warehousing and shipping them would be?


I also saw this statement... 

While the Professional Selling plan costs $39.99 per month for an Amazon Seller, this monthly fee is waived for Handmade Artisans until 12/31/2019

I wonder if that will be extended.


You can bet if I have to pay the $40 a month for the professional seller account I will take full advantage of it and not just sell handmade items on it.

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I found it a while back on Amazon’s site by googling FBA costs or something like that. They charge storage fees based on the cubic space it would take up. Something like that. And those storage fees change during high volume months, say Oct-Dec. 


Then, there are more fees if your items stay in their storage over a certain length of time. 


You have the choice to send your product to one distribution center or multiple. You get discounted shipping for that but I could never find exact rates. 


The thing I found most complicated was packaging and labeling. You have to package and label your products a very specific way.


They also have a calculator that will show you what your storage fees, fba fees, etc will cost and what your profit will be. You can compare fba to fbm. 

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