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We have partnered with Soap Equipment to create a line of stock, printed boxes designed specifically to fit their soap molds.  Printed on the same high-quality paper we use for our custom box packaging, these boxes are printed in soft colors with subtle, repeating patterns designed to blend in with your labels.  We also added a soft touch matte coating to the box, a finish typically seen on higher-end product packaging.  Our stock soap boxes increase your soaps perceived value by implying a quality, luxurious product resides within.  These boxes are very economical, and retail ready – you just load and go!


This program is new and constantly evolving.  Our boxes currently fit a 2” x 1” x 3” soap bar.  While the selection is limited right now, we will be creating larger boxes designed to fit bigger molds shortly, but we need your feedback on sizes, colors, styles, and if possible, particular molds, to determine where we go next.  We can also supply labels to match these boxes – just ask us! 


We are looking for someone who can reach out to the soaping community as a Box Co-op representative to provide samples and gather information regarding trends, interests, and concerns in the community.  In return we will provide soap packaging for your soaps.  Please let us know if you’re interested.


We’re looking to create stock soap boxes that fit the most used soap molds in the community.  The Box Co-op has already partnered up with Soap Equipment to begin creating these mold specific boxes.  BUT… we want to hear from you!


What molds do you use?

How many have you collected over the years?

Hands down which is your favorite?

Do you pick molds based on their cavity size, brand, or design?

What other molds should we look into targeting?


This is a new program we plan on rolling out so there are lots of kinks we’re working through.  Your feedback is imperative to helping us settle this dust so we can launch!

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