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Millcreek Palm Coconut Wax


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Description reads:


"Natural Pillar/Votive Wax makes beautiful free standing candles. Available in pellet form for easy handling, the wax is a mixture of the finest Palm and Coconut oils resulting in candles with an excellent burn and scent throw.  This product does not contain any paraffin."


Has anyone stuck with this over the years and love it? 

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I purchased it many months ago to try as I always have to try new things LOL

Love the granulated aspect for scoop and melt, love the way it holds oils (it takes more than 8% just fine, even heavy oils), nice and hard for tarts, cold throw is wonderful and I love the creamy aspect of it (this is if you do not care about the palm crystal affect).  My complaint is the smell out of the box but doesn't seem to carry too much into final product.  It is a bit brittle, which I expected.  I am just now pulling tester tarts out from a month ago for HT testing and so far is very nice in the oils I used.  I am stuck between using CW palm alone (for the natural beauty it has) or this palm blended with container paraffin (for a creamy finish) for candles.  I poured a couple of testers for an idea of final appearance.  This wax does not like being married to Problend 400/JS 123 @ 50/50 ratio.  All but one of my portion cups had cracks in it with this blend.  It did work smooth with CBL 125 @ 50/50.  However, the more 125 added, the more shiny it gets...just like all of my other paraffin blends with veggie waxes.  Keeping the container paraffin at about no more than 25-30% keeps it matte and creamy with this particular palm/coconut wax.

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