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  1. That photo of the rain clamshell looks exactly like the 4794/129 issues. Do large store brands use the same wax blends we have available to us?
  2. Both are wonderful for sure! The Mrs. Claus cookies gave me the same results in the stellar throw department and lingers after shutting off the warmer also (paraffin melts).
  3. Keystone has the actual Peak oils, FBuddy are dupes. I try not to attach myself to Peak oils too much as Keystone is ALWAYS out of stock it seems. As for the owner of Peak, what a unprofessional roller coaster it has been.
  4. I ask because I came across this from someone in a wax group (using 4794) and it reminded me very much of your 129 here. (posters name removed for privacy)
  5. New year, new adventures with wax testing! Trappeur was so kind as to start a thread in the candlemaking section titled "Taking a poll on the best "proven" best throwing wax". I thought maybe we could update / add to this thread for the wickless / melts aspect. I am stuck between CW 141 and 129. The 141 is creamier but slightly dimples and may have a hard time achieving its best throw on some warmers due to its higher MP (as I started in a separate topic) whereas the 129 takes color easier as it is more transparent and has a lower MP...but may not last as long or be as forgiving on oils that 141 is. Has anyone else debated between these two by chance? I like CW over IGI as they seem more consistent usually. Having said that, the recent thread on 129 in the clamshells that looks and performs totally different has me a little put back in my statement. Will continue to battle these two out. Really do not like blending waxes which to me is just additives overload and extra work if one is superb on its own.
  6. Hi Chad, Did you get your new batch/lot yet?
  7. Same here, the "soy is best" hype is all around me and not to mention them selling 8 ounce jelly jars for $5, 16 ounce for $10.
  8. Love that you can squeeze them also, thanks aptommo!
  9. I meant RE not WSP 🤦‍♀️
  10. Agreed, Tuscan Garden is my favorite.
  11. I know many ship candles that use softer container waxes without issues, so why would a wickless jar be any different? I have seen popular wax vendors who sell scoops exclusively with great success, and all year round for that matter. I know a particular vendor (only sold scoops all year round) that is now retired that never used ice packs along with orders, so it makes me believe it can be done. I ask this very question as I prefer scoops to candles myself and would like to get my customers on board. However, all I picture upon arrival is sweating tops or half melted wax 😨😓 and would not want to introduce something that can only be offered locally.
  12. Other than square dishes (wax hang up in the corners), low watt wall plug ins, and a large clamshell company who sells lower watt warmers (Scen**y)...would you say majority of warmers get hot enough nowadays to use a wax like CBL 141, 4625, or palm without blending in a container wax? I feel these 3 waxes perform very well on their own for me using hot plates, but not all customers use hot plates. Every wax actually is throwing amazing for me in quality oils as far as paraffin and palm goes (including CBL 125, 4786, 4630, CBL 129). Some that say the throw is lighter (which is not very often as I use great oils), I wonder if it just may be the wattage of the warmer they're using and not my melts themselves? I know I could just eliminate this concern by blending container with one of the 3 mentioned initially, but I like hard clean tarts for warmers. Plus since it throws so great on its own, why work harder for the same result?
  13. I am sure many others will agree that you definitely will not be disappointed 🤤
  14. Even the finish/texture/appearance around the rim does not look like the same wax in both clamshells...very odd.
  15. Either a rubber spatula or jumbo popsicle sticks...
  16. Not Sarah, but I find all of my white paraffin waxes to have discoloration depending on the oils (when I do not color). This is just the nature of being dye-free wax, just like CP soap once it cures over time. I have not had anyone mind it. I have never used white pigment so I cannot comment on that aspect.
  17. Whom are these huge candle manufacturers and how do you know they use C1 if you don't mind me asking?
  18. @Trappeur curious on your thoughts of going from soy to pouring paraffin? I happen to miss the texture of soy sadly, but not the throw.
  19. Exactly my thoughts!
  20. Belinda, Just Scent and Indigo. Was also wanting to try Aztec since it has over 100 great reviews but why do that if I already love ICS version?!
  21. Melts wax used: 4625, 4786, CBL 129, 4625/4630, KY parasoy fragrance load (%): 10% average cure time: 1 week Wax additives: none Cold throw: excellent Hot Throw: excellent Purchased: 2018
  22. Fireside


    Melts wax used: 4625, 4786, 4794, KY parasoy (Problend 650) fragrance load (%): 10% average cure time: 1 week Wax additives: none Cold throw: excellent Hot Throw: excellent Purchased: 2018 This is so strong and can be used at a lower %, very true to the dupe. I also found this oil to last the longest out of the other gain type oils I have tried.
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