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Blue skies

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wax used: soy, 415

fragrance load (%) 8.5%

average cure time: 5 days 

Wax additives?

container:  8 ounce mason 

wicking notes: Normal no issues 

Cold throw: excellent

Hot Throw:  very strong, this is a scent that has something very familiar you can’t put your finger on, very fresh and clean and a customer favorite - I haven’t tried it my new wax yet but I expect it to be just as good of not better 

Morphing: scent stays true 

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Wax melts

Wax used: Palm 2 from Candlewic

Fragrance load: 7%

Cure time: 2 weeks

Addatives: none

CT: super strong

HT: very strong

morphing: none, scent is much better in wax than OOB

notes: this is so strong, it's almost too much for me. I am not generally a fan of clean scents, and this is very much a clean, airy fragrance. Those that love the clean type went crazy over this! I colored my tarts blue, threw some glitter on them, and people loved them!

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