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Candle Supplier In Or Close to Miss?

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I'm not sure if this goes here. I live in Greenwood, Mississippi which is on the west side of the state. Does anyone know of a supplier near me? Shipping is killing me and I actalluy paid more for shipping on one order than I did on what I bought. I'm looking into Alabastor in AL and I think that might be alright because I travel that way about once a month and it's only 20 minutes away from where I go. Is this a good company? Would you recommend it?

Any one know of anywhere else around here?

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I am from Hattiesburg, MS, and haven't found a supplier in MS yet. I order my wax from Cajun Candle Supply in LA and also from Lonestar Candle Supply in Texas. You are so right, shipping is eating me up. I have been thinking maybe I should open a candle supply store . . . . wouldnt that be great. No harm in dreaming is there. ;)

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Odd... maybe I was thinking of somewhere else. Or maybe they changed it. Prolly me :sad2:

I went and poked around, in case I can order from them...lol.

Waxes are limited. No hurricane wax and the Astor F is $82 per case! I wonder if all the palms have gone up that much :undecided

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