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tealight wax n wicks

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I am pretty new to the board and wanted to get some advice. A couple weeks ago I made some tealight using J223, I use tealight wicks that I got from Candlewic 28-24z. When I burned them, it seemed like the flame was not a big as it is with some I have bought in the store. I really would like to mix maybe alittle votive wax with the J223 so it might help with the burning part. Maybe 3/4 to 1/4. Am I way off in my thinking? TIA



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I'd do a 50/50 split of waxes. I use J223 and OK6228 and my tealights burn for 8 hours...plus I get great throw with those little suckers. I had never bought nor made tea lights before and was so surprised at how well they threw. I got the tea light cups and wicks from Bitter Creek and don't recall the size of the wicks but I'm thinking all the tea light wicks are pretty standard. Because the J223 is quite soft on it's own, I'm sure by adding a pillar or votive blend wax to it will solve your low flame issue.

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