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Wax melter

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Hi ... I just came across a post where someone mentioned that different wax melters may have quite different outcomes with your wax. I was hoping that somebody could please shed some light on this subject. I started with double boiling on the stove , but now use a Sunbeam electric fryer type of pot ( don't know if you have them in USA ... like a non-stick crock pot). It has a thermostat on a dial - I usually heat on low-medium and it's quite effective. I never imagined that melting a different way could affect the throw. Is this true? thankyou all xx

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On 6/12/2018 at 4:58 AM, Jcandleattic said:

Yes, what Sebleo said, I meant the melter you use when using your melts. The hot throw from that will vary depending upon the type of tart melter you are using. 

Sorry I was not more specific. 

YES I WAS having one of my "speak before I think" moments the other day , my husband so kindly told I have LOL. It was later I was thinking about it and as Oprah would say ... i had an 'AHAHA!" moment . Oh dear , there's not much help for me , is there? xxx

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