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Looking for a wax that isn't as soft as Joy Wax

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I have been using Joy Wax for about 4 years and I really do like it.  I have many people say it is the best candle they ever burned.  The problem is, I live in the South and it just melts too easily when I do outdoor events.  I'm tired of having to make sure the sun isn't shining on them and always moving the display back into some shade.  Is there a soy or soy blend that does better in the summertime outside?  Maybe I can just make the Joy Wax during the colder seasons. 

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Have you tried IGI 6006? It's a parasoy blend that most companies carry.

I myself like Candlewic's CBL 130, it's an in-house blend similar to the Joy wax, with a firmer consistency and I like the burn much better. When I first started making candles I thought Joy wax was the bees knees, but after a bit of shopping around I realized there are waxes that burn better, throw better, and are certainly less expensive. Just my opinion though!

Both the waxes I mentioned do have parrafin in them, while I believe the Joy wax is an all veggie blend, so I don't know if that a deal breaker for you or not.

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