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  1. Joy Wax from Natures Garden. 1 day cure time
  2. If I use a heat gun on the tops will it get rid of the seepage?
  3. I did a second pour on some testers to see if that would give me a smooth top. Tops are really smooth and nice, but after a couple of days they all have seepage. I used 10% fo. Does anybody do second pours to fix tops or just use the heat gun?
  4. Whenever I quick cooled this wax it formed a thin, brittle crust on top. If I slow cool it, the tops are hard and smooth. Maybe it’s due to the palm in it. Someone at the beginning of this topic also had the same issue as I did. I’m still in the testing stages
  5. Just starting to test this wax, HTP wicks are working the best for me in 4 oz tins, 8 ounce mason jars and a ziva jar. I let my tins cool cool in an enclosed box and tops are perfect. I let the jars cool in a box but also sitting on a heating pad and tops look really nice except for one that had a little diver but did not form that thin, brittle layer on top. The next time I decided to put the heating pad on top of the box to cool instead of on the bottom. Tops were horrible and mushy.
  6. Thank you all for your input. I already use almond, avocado and apricot in my soap and it is very moisturizing. I don’t think it needs vitamin e, it was just a customer request. I’ll explain to her that some of the oils naturally contain it.
  7. Customer wants it for moisturizing properties
  8. Does anyone use Vitamin E in their soap? I had a request to make some with it and wondering if people like it and how much to use.
  9. Island Temptations is a great seller for me. Balsam Citrus is wonderful in soap and candles.Honey Patchouli is a decent seller. Lavender Apples & Oak is another top seller.
  10. I’m going to give Nature Wax C-1 a try after using Joy Wax for years. Wondering what the cure time for an unscrnted pour will be. Do I need to give it a 2 week cure if unscented or is that only for ones with fo?
  11. I have been using Joy Wax for about 4 years and I really do like it. I have many people say it is the best candle they ever burned. The problem is, I live in the South and it just melts too easily when I do outdoor events. I'm tired of having to make sure the sun isn't shining on them and always moving the display back into some shade. Is there a soy or soy blend that does better in the summertime outside? Maybe I can just make the Joy Wax during the colder seasons.
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