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Dishwashing liquid soap


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I'm thinking of making my own dishwashing liquid. I don't have a dishwasher. I am the dishwasher. So I want it mild but also very sudsy without being really harsh for my hands.


Anyone have a liquid soap recipe they don't mind sharing, or ideas which oils they would use?


I'm thinking at least 50-80% coconut with maybe some sunflower or olive oil. Maybe a little castor too. I'm also thinking of using the glycerin method to make it so it should have some mildness from that but will that leave a film on the dishes? Oh, and since its for personal use I don't mind using a little palm or lard even it if makes it cloudy. It doesn't have to be clear. I just want clean dishes without a filmy or sticky residue. That's why I am not sure about the oils or proportions.


Any suggestions/ideas would help. Thanks.

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