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Camden Grey Flavor Oils


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I never actually got around to putting them in lip balm, but from sniffing, my opinions:

Orange juicy - Wonderful! It smells exactly like a fresh orange.

Merry strawberry - sweet, but more of a candy strawberry smell. Since I don't really like a straight strawberry scent, I think it's perfect.

Green apple, cotton candy, & grape - these have a bit of a medicine-y smell to them. That may go away after you put them in some base though.

Buttercream - delightful! It smells exactly like a cake with frosting. Quite yummy! This was my favorite.

Pear - excellent! Very crisp and clean, though it smells a little bit like the apple, but no medicine smell.

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OK, I ordered anyway:

Butter Cream


Cotton Candy


But..... the coconut says "food only, not for cosmetics". Anybody know a reason I couldn't use that in lip balm or a body oil? Is it more likely to go rancid or something? If so, I'll just have to make tiny batches to use up quick (I don't retail so this isn't a problem for me).


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The Camden Grey site gives no indication how much of these to use in a product. So you guys with experience with these, how much should I use? I touched a tiny bit of 'Mango' to my finger and licked my finger, and it was terrible! Probably too much. I'm trying flavored massage oil right now with fractionated coconut oil.

Edit: the sweetener is what I'm missing. I know liquid stevia would work in lip balms but would it be sticky or anything for edible massage oils? I did a search for 'sweetener' and 'massage' and found one post that didn't help.

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