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Soy Wax - Just Wondering

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So...we all know there has been a lot of changes going on with the Soy wax. There was the big change over to the Q wax series and some issues noted with some of the familiar soy that some of us has been using for years. But I was wondering would the tariff issue with China have anything to do with it as Soybeans are imported here.  Not that we don't have our own  here already... but Just a thought.  Just got me wandering as I am deciding on the wax / blend to use. The soy blend I used resulted in a cracked candle. It burned fine, but I think I will move from soy completely. In the past few years, testing soy on and off, I never had a candle with those cracks. Not sure anymore.

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Which one are you using 


I went through a case of 444 just fine and into my second one I starting getting cracks - same lot number 

then I went back and looked at some of the containers I tested from previous lot and they all have surface cracks 

This soy world is BS these days 

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