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Oil chamber candles

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I was watching a video by Candles and Supplies. It was about an hour long video demonstration making a cut and curl candle. Apparently the oil chamber was the entire length of the candle. I'm wondering how they get the center hollowed out the entire length of the candle. Is there a special mold for that when you make the core?

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It's not the entire length of the candle, but yes, @Scented is correct. The mold has a wooden 'peg' attached to it, then you put the plastic well over the peg, and pour your core candle. (this system from Candles and Supplies is from a company called CandleFun, - and it's who my original vats, carving tools and molds are all from) 

Then after the candle is cut/carved, you take the handle holding the core candle out and fill with liquid paraffin. 

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