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Wick Question

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Do some wicks produce a melt pool that is not as deep for the same width? Last night I did my first 4 hour burn on 4 double wicked 11oz tureens with different wick types. The Premier 700 series and the ECO wicks seemed to produce a shallower melt pool than the zinc core or the HTP wicks. Can anybody verify that is a valid observation? If it is it would save me a lot of testing as I could give up on the zincs and HTPs. The depth of my melt pool has been an issue with these wide, shallow containers and I was considering going to 3 wicks to solve this, but if I can do it with 2 wicks I’d be a happy camper.

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All wicks and sizes have different ROC's- rate of consumption 


wicks unlimited has charts you can look at to get an idea of which sizes for container diameters and it lists the ROC and flame height and melt pool I believe 

You have to find your wick series and click on the size to see the info 

Alot will depend on your wax also- I believe these charts are based on paraffin so soy would be different in having to wick up but it will explain all that 

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